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In a recent special edition publication, National Geographic Magazine highlighted the grandeur and expansive beauty of the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. The article dubbed it as the world’s most famous wilderness area due in part to the Serengeti Plains, “what most people associate with the classic image of the African landscape,” and the great migration of millions of animals including zebra, wildebeest, antelope and many more. The article was sure to mention that the Serengeti is always teeming with life, even outside the migration and one of the best ways for someone to see for themselves is to rent a four wheel drive or join a safari.
Not to be outdone, Kilimanjaro National Park was also featured in the article.“It’s not only the highest point on the continent and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain but also one of
the only tall mountains you can climb without any special gear.” Interested travelers will have to travel roughly 200 miles east of the Serengeti to reach the dormant volcano of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Read More

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