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The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla has received a donation of a File Server worth 175,000 US Dollar from USAID to be used by Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB) in a bid to easy accessibility and dissemination of information about the sector.

Speaking shortly after he had received the donation, Dr Kigwangalla thanked the USAID, saying it has been in a frontline to support government efforts in promoting tourism destinations in Tanzania through publication of fliers and magazines among others. “USAID has to a large extent contributes significantly in ensuring that TTB and its stakeholders are easily accessed. With the support of this File Server meant a lot for an increased efficiency in tourism sector,” he said. He added that there was a problem in finding authentic information related to the tourism sector and therefore the equipment will help in putting in place database and feed new information that would help in promoting the sector.

Dr Kingwangalla noted further that the presence of the server would increase working morale because of the fact that the server will provide information easily with no communication costs. “I hope that this File Server will act as a savior when it comes to accessibility of all the important information, the information that will be feed in the server will also lead to accessibility of accurate information on our ministry’s website and that of tourism board,” he said. He pointed out that getting all the information under one roof would easy the government quest of ensuring that all the information are available on the digital platforms to be easily accessed around the global as the way of promoting tourism sector. “Our nation has so many tourism attractions including beaches, National parks and historical sites among others, if we use this opportunity to advertise them we will increase the number of tourists in the country,” he said.

He added that the File Server has come at the time when Tanzania has started experiencing an increase in the number of tourists visiting the country, adding that the gadget yet another reason for the country to make the sector grow further by receiving more tourists.  “We also planning to promote Dar es Salaam as a tourist destination, promote Swagaswaganational reserve and rock painting of Kondoa Irangi as a tourism attraction site in Dodoma Region.

Earlier, the USAID Tanzania’s Natural Resource Management and Water Team Leader, Ms Bronwyn Llewellyn commended the government’s efforts in promoting tourism industry, saying her agency would support such endeavors. “We are very proud to be able to support you in promoting tourism here in Tanzania,” Ms Llewellyn explained.

The TTB Managing Director, Ms Devota Mdachi said the server would help to increase working efficiency, storage and dissemination of all the key information. “We sincerely thank USAID for supporting us through their project dubbed USAID PROTECT, this project has been helping TTB in capacity building and USAID has been supporting TTB in many ways including training of staff and facilitating the translation of the TTB website to several languages including Spanish, French and Chinese.




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    The Kipunji also known as the highland Mangabey, is a species of old world monkey which is only found in the highland forest of Tanzania.